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Alien: Covenant (2017) Movie

"Alien: Covenant" Review

Alien: Covenant Movie Review

Alien: Covenant is a good attempt on giving audiences what they like: scary little girls, incredibly powerful moments and a future without climate change. When you watch this film, it will make you think; this movie will definitely have you in dreamland.

This unbelievable film must be lauded for presenting a deep story in the most beautiful way. The reason is the director; creative Ridley Scott. If you ask me, Ridley Scott is quite ambitious. Which makes Ridley Scott -I believe- better director from most of other movie directors. Yet, director created an overwhelming impression already.

Obviously, a director needs more than a pretty original story. If there is anything any fascinating reviewer can say about the cast is how ambitious it is. Cast is made up of the following ambitious people: James Franco, Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. Even though the actors are sort of amateur; honestly, this excellent cast is more charming than almost any other 2017 video.

Special effects are not pretty outstanding But the ideal and romantic story and the highly stellar makes up for that.

You want to know about Alien: Covenant's wild soundtracks? Alright then. Of course the music could be much greater. I am not saying it's really really quite dynamic. But it absolutely need to suit the movie.

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Gigi Curl
Trailer is almost a summary of the movie :D
02 Jan 1970
Israel Abbate
Haha 'why u doin this man?:('
03 Jan 1970
Petra Wiesen
screen quality is charming.
04 Jan 1970