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Annabelle Comes Home (2019) Movie

"Annabelle Comes Home" Review

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review

If you are sick of sensitive actors, you are going to find Annabelle Comes Home very pleasant. When you watch this movie, it will make you think; this movie will certainly open your eyes.

The opening is pretty deep. You know why? because of the director; punctilious Gary Dauberman. If you ask me, Gary Dauberman is quite ambitious. Still, the movie doesn't feel like it's a 2019 movie. It's not that first-rate. But still, Annabelle Comes Home already made tremendous impact.

The director is not the only reason people love this intriguing movie. All I can say about the cast is; it's charming and stellar The actors you will see in Annabelle Comes Home are Madison Iseman, Mckenna Grace, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Even though the actors are little bit old; these names are really really not surprising in a movie about horrible secrets, demons, things you think you would do differently and incredibly powerful moments

Soundtracks are another story. Well maybe soundtracks of Annabelle Comes Home might be a lil bit scratchy But it absolutely have to suit the film.

The one can say Annabelle Comes Home has second-rate special effects. On the other hand the director is not known for movies with hilarious special-effects anyway.

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Keesha Thweatt
That red scene was one of the most funny scenes I've EVER seen.
02 Jan 1970
Elois Mansell
Great watch. I'll watch this movie again.
03 Jan 1970
Jacquelyne Googe
some scenes are surprising, definitely worth watchin.
04 Jan 1970