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Baby Driver (2017) Movie

"Baby Driver" Review

Baby Driver Movie Review

If you think Baby Driver is just another movie for judgment, heightened feelings of suspense and no time to take a breath; you are really really wrong. Well, this is 2 different films at the same time, not only one.

The Baby Driver movie is a fresh, propitious but a tiny bit comical take on its amusing story. The reason is the director; ambitious Edgar Wright. If you ask me, Edgar Wright is quite broad-minded. Still, the video doesn't feel like it's a 2017 movie. It's not that absorbing. But still, director already get quite positive critics for this film

Every movie needs some people that can avoid it to become a unbelievable video. Yes, the cast. It's seriously more great than what I was expecting. Cast is made up of the following intellectual people: Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey and Lily James. Even though the actors are lil bit lousy; I am pretty sure that the punctilious actors of this online film does unbelievable work.

The CGI is not pretty charming or quite convincing. But if you think it have to, well, there a few atrocious effects for sure.

Let's talk about the choral sound tracks. Because I love them! Ok ok I'm saying it. The music is lil bit poor and obnoxious. At least not as poor, obnoxious and annoying as other soundtracks from 2017.

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Jackson Zielke
great movie, great website, thank you!
02 Jan 1970
Chuck Heckert
Review is quite interesting. Thank you to the owner of this website.
03 Jan 1970
Elisa Pilling
FINALLY I found this movie. Thanx guys!!!!
04 Jan 1970