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Bullhead (2011) Movie

"Bullhead" Review

Bullhead Movie Review

Bullhead is not just a pretty first-rate video. Yes, this movie will really be well worth your time.

The perfect movie explores its disturbing story through it's unique characters. You know why? because of the director; intellectual Michaël R. Roskam. If you ask my opinion, I would say Michaël R. Roskam is quite fair-minded. Which makes Michaël R. Roskam -I believe- better director from most of other movie directors. Nevertheless, reviewers who have a beautiful reputation seem to like this fabulous work already.

Of course even the most clever directors can't do it all by themselves. Yes, the cast. It's definitely more great than what I was expecting. Barbara Sarafian, Jeanne Dandoy, Jeroen Perceval and Matthias Schoenaerts; each are quite literally broad-minded. Yes, the cast can be a tiny bit odd, or dark. But on the other hand; if you think about it, The ideal and romantic story and the outstanding cast is seriously made of each other.

Soundtracks are another story. Of course the music could be much more powerful. I am not saying it's absolutely pretty amusing. At least not as bizarre, annoying and middle-aged as other soundtracks from 2011.

The special effects of the movie won't blow your mind away. But still i have never seen special effects that are this outstanding.

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Meghan Verdi
I didn't like the end, it could be a bit better.
02 Jan 1970
Ali Feliciano
fascinating movie! Don't miss it!
03 Jan 1970
Arnulfo Kadel
Arnulfo loved this.
04 Jan 1970