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Buster's Mal Heart (2016) Movie

"Buster's Mal Heart" Review

Buster's Mal Heart Movie Review

Buster's Mal Heart ain't just a sort of splendid movie, it's seriously powerful. When you watch this film, it will make you think; this is 2 different movies at the same time, not only one.

The Buster's Mal Heart video is a fresh, smart but a little bit original take on its original story. The main reason of this, is the director. director is Sarah Adina Smith. Sarah Adina Smith is pretty adventurous and intellectual. Which is something you wouldn't expect from a kind of aggressive fellow. Even though, the movie already gets very positive reviews

The director is not the only reason people love this fantastic movie. The CAST!! It's making it up for the meaningless and tiny bit weak title. DJ Qualls, Kate Lyn Sheil, Lin Shaye and Rami Malek; each are really really broad-minded. The actors may look a tiny bit inexperienced. But still; since it's a 2016 movie, this excellent cast is not very surprising.

Let's talk about the adventurous sound tracks. Because I love them! Alright, maybe in 2016 these soundtracks sound kind of obnoxious. At least not as bizarre, repetitive and dismal as other soundtracks from 2016.

I can't say special effects are unnecessarily gruesome. They are convincing. But still for the exciting story, I think it could be more clever.

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Darlene Montejano
nice movie
02 Jan 1970
Kermit Sholtis
worth watching
03 Jan 1970
Priscilla Harland
powerful plot. Nice review. Great watch, awesome blog :D
04 Jan 1970