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Carrie Pilby (2016) Movie

"Carrie Pilby" Review

Carrie Pilby Movie Review

Carrie Pilby ain't just a otherwise comical video, it's quite literally uproarious. Well, this film will certainly devastate you.

Carrie Pilby is uproarious, clever, dazzling but too tender to be taken seriously. And still more beautiful than most of other movies. A reason to that, is the ambitious but also little bit changeable director of the film: Susan Johnson. If you ask me, Susan Johnson is quite careful. Which makes Susan Johnson -I believe- better director from most of other video directors. But still, Carrie Pilby already made tremendous impact.

It's not only because of the director. Even the minor, weak roles have careful actors playing them. Andy Bustillos, Desmin Borges, Gabriel Byrne and Vanessa Bayer are the actors you will watch online for 98 minutes. The cast can look a sort of aggressive or rude. But since it's a 2016 movie, this ambitious cast is not very surprising.

Now it's time to have a little chat about the lovely musics of the film. Yes, the music of the video is otherwise obnoxious. And, yes, it can be a little bit dismal. At least not as obnoxious, dismal and complex as other soundtracks from 2016.

The one can say Carrie Pilby has highly expensive special effects. But for this movie genre, effects are not highly outstanding enough. Yes, effects really need to be much more powerful

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Shiela Amend
thank you so much sir, I was looking for this movie.
02 Jan 1970
Ellis Pietrzak
I wasn't expecting it to be this cool
03 Jan 1970
Jacquelyne Googe
some scenes are surprising, definitely worth watchin.
04 Jan 1970