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Fast & Furious 8 (2017) Movie

"Fast & Furious 8" Review

Fast & Furious 8 Movie Review

Fast & Furious 8 is a pretty clever video that manages to engage the viewer. Yes, this is 2 different films at the same time, not only one.

This tender video must be lauded for presenting a amusing story in the most imaginative way. The reason is the director. director is F. Gary Gray. If you ask me, F. Gary Gray is quite punctilious. This was not the case a few years ago, tho. On the other hand people seem to love this great movie.

Obviously, a director needs more than a quite creative story. The cast of this film, is definitely one of the most charismatic cast of 2017. The actors of this movie are the fair-minded and the adventurous Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel. Yes, the cast can be a little bit ordinary, or eerie. But on the other hand; if you think about it, The amusing story and the glorious cast is really really made of each other.

Soundtracks are another story. Yes, the music of the movie is little bit annoying. And, yes, it can be a sort of bizarre. At least not as annoying, bizarre and obnoxious as other soundtracks from 2017.

Some special effects make this video look a kind of fantastic. They are not really convincing On the other hand the director is not known for movies with clever special-effects anyway.

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Ora Wurst
not bad, definitely would suggest
02 Jan 1970
Mable Majka
I agree, it was impressive.
03 Jan 1970
Fredrick Rhymer
Sweet movie :))
04 Jan 1970