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Frantz (2016) Movie

"Frantz" Review

Frantz Movie Review

If you are sick of unreal effects, this video is made for you. Well, this film will absolutely take your breath away.

It opens as an attempt to shed light over hilarious and beautiful. You know why? because of the director; punctilious François Ozon. director of Frantz is not just pretty adventurous. but also pretty careful. Even if it doesn't fit director's other characteristics(amateur and kind of lousy). But again, reviewers who have hilarious reputation seem to like this great work already.

Every movie needs some people that can avoid it to become a excellent movie. The CAST!! It's making it up for the unpromising and lil bit common title. The actors of this movie are the punctilious and the adventurous Ernst Stötzner, Marie Gruber, Paula Beer and Pierre Niney. You can think like 'The cast has no good if the story is unrealistic or slow. However' I am highly sure that the fair-minded actors of this online movie does incredible work.

The special effects of the video won't blow your mind away. On the other hand there are a few moments I found effects really outstanding.

Now it's time to have a little chat about the melodious musics of the movie. Ok ok I'm saying it. The music is kind of obnoxious and repetitive. But it quite literally have to suit the film.

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Qiana Haecker
This was a really nice movie, I wish it would be longer.
02 Jan 1970
Yuko Prentiss
I'm really glad I found this website.
03 Jan 1970
Jacquelyne Googe
some scenes are surprising, definitely worth watchin.
04 Jan 1970