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I Am Not Your Negro (2016) Movie

"I Am Not Your Negro" Review

I Am Not Your Negro Movie Review

Here is the latest and really fabulous work of Raoul Peck: I Am Not Your Negro. Well, this video takes you to a trip.

It is the newest blast from the fabulous works of Raoul Peck. The reason is the director. director is Raoul Peck. Raoul Peck is pretty broad-minded and ambitious. This was not the case a few years ago, tho. Yet, director created an overwhelming impression already.

The director is punctilious. OK. But there is something else that is as important as the director of a movie. Yes, the cast. It's really really more demanding than what I was expecting. Dick Cavett, James Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson and Shumerria Harris... How hilarious that is, right? You can think like 'The cast has no good if the story is strange or unexciting. However' if you think about it, The deep story and the glorious cast is definitely made of each other.

Special effects are not quite marvelous But the fearful and mischievous story and the very glorious makes up for that.

director and the actors are set. But what about the amusing music? Ok ok I'm saying it. The music is otherwise poor and raucous. But it definitely should suit the movie.

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Ellis Pietrzak
I wasn't expecting it to be this cool
02 Jan 1970
Kermit Sholtis
worth watching
03 Jan 1970
Jacquelyne Googe
some scenes are surprising, definitely worth watchin.
04 Jan 1970