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Land of Mine (2015) Movie

"Land of Mine" Review

Land of Mine Movie Review

'Land of Mine'. If you think this title is lil bit weak; all we can say is, the film and the story is much more amazing. Yes, this video will really make you speechless.

The final product is seriously unbelievable. A reason to that, is the punctilious and careful director of the movie: Martin Zandvliet. Martin Zandvliet is really really creative director. Which really doesn't end up with old, amateur Martin Zandvliet we know. Yet, director already get really positive critics for this film

Obviously, a director needs more than a very amusing story. Even the minor, meaningless roles have ambitious actors playing them. Joel Basman, Louis Hofmann, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Roland Møller; each are definitely ambitious. The actors may look a tiny bit inexperienced. But still; if you think about it, The original story and the incredible cast is seriously made of each other.

Special effects are definitely, highly amusing But still if you think it have to be more dazzling, I totally agree with you.

director and the actors are set. But what about the choral music? Of course the music could be much better. I am not saying it's seriously pretty charming. At least not as annoying, repetitive and dismal as other soundtracks from 2015.

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Yuko Prentiss
I'm really glad I found this website.
02 Jan 1970
Israel Abbate
Haha 'why u doin this man?:('
03 Jan 1970
Jacquelyne Googe
some scenes are surprising, definitely worth watchin.
04 Jan 1970