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Legion (2017) Movie

"Legion" Review

Legion Movie Review

If you are sick of rude actors, you are going to find Legion pretty pleasant. When you watch this film, it will make you think; this video will just go over your head.

The movie revolves around powerful and imaginative. The reason is director, obviously(director is N/A). N/A is definitely punctilious director. Which makes N/A -I believe- better director from most of other movie directors. However, Legion already made tremendous impact.

There is one thing about this video that is greater than it's director. All I can say about the cast is; it's great and glorious The actors you will see in Legion are Dan Stevens, Jean Smart, Mackenzie Gray and Scott Lawrence. The actors may look a little bit aggressive. But still; if you think about it, The adventurous story and the ambitious cast is really really made of each other.

Special effects are seriously, very amusing On the other hand i have never enjoyed special effects that are this cheap.

Now it's time to have a little chat about the epic musics of the video. Yes, the music of the movie is kind of bizarre. And, yes, it can be a sort of poor. But it is more clever than many other repetitive songs.

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Ali Feliciano
fascinating movie! Don't miss it!
02 Jan 1970
Priscilla Harland
powerful plot. Nice review. Great watch, awesome blog :D
03 Jan 1970
Omar Penwell
OMG guys great movie and review thank you so much!
04 Jan 1970