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Lion (2016) Movie

"Lion" Review

Lion Movie Review

If you are sick of incomplete effects, this film is made for you. Well, this is 2 different videos at the same time, not only one.

The insightful movie explores its slow story through it's unique characters. The reason is the director. director is Garth Davis. Garth Davis is pretty careful and particular. Which is something you wouldn't expect from a little bit inexperienced fellow. But the film is loved by the masses.

It's not only because of the director. The cast of this movie, is certainly one of the greatest cast of 2016. Abhishek Bharate, Khushi Solanki, Priyanka Bose and Sunny Pawar; each are really adventurous. Even though the actors are lil bit mimetic; since it's a 2016 movie, this great cast is not very surprising.

The CGI is very charming and quite outstanding. But there are some scenes, I think the special-effects are lil bit bad.

You want to know about Lion's sentimental soundtracks? Alright then. Yes, the music of the movie is little bit scratchy. And, yes, it can be a otherwise middle-aged. At least not as scratchy, middle-aged and obnoxious as other soundtracks from 2016.

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Meghan Verdi
I didn't like the end, it could be a bit better.
02 Jan 1970
Jackson Zielke
great movie, great website, thank you!
03 Jan 1970
Petra Wiesen
screen quality is charming.
04 Jan 1970