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Lovesong (2016) Movie

"Lovesong" Review

Lovesong Movie Review

Lovesong is not just a very original movie. Well, it's similar to playing a quite powerful game.

It is the newest blast from the great works of So Yong Kim. A reason to that, is the punctilious but also tiny bit inexperienced director of the video: So Yong Kim. director of Lovesong is not just highly adventurous. but also pretty broad-minded. Which really really doesn't end up with changeable, rude So Yong Kim we know. Nevertheless, director already get highly positive critics for this film

Obviously, a director needs more than a highly adventurous story. All I can say about the cast is; it's great and charming Cary Joji Fukunaga, Jena Malone, Jessie Ok Gray and Riley Keough; each are seriously adventurous. You can think like 'The cast has no good if the story is unexciting or ordinary. However' these names are seriously not surprising in a movie about intense, real life issues, realistic characters, conflicts and an honest story

Now it's time to have a little chat about the sentimental musics of the movie. Well maybe soundtracks of Lovesong might be a lil bit poor But it is more fascinating than many other annoying songs.

Some special effects make this movie look a tiny bit wondrous. They are not really expensive But if you think it need to, well, there a few amusing effects for sure.

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Antone Choice
At the end I was like What The Hell?! LOL
02 Jan 1970
Israel Abbate
Haha 'why u doin this man?:('
03 Jan 1970
Chuck Heckert
Review is quite interesting. Thank you to the owner of this website.
04 Jan 1970