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Phoenix Forgotten (2017) Movie

"Phoenix Forgotten" Review

Phoenix Forgotten Movie Review

There you go: certainly the most imaginative movie of Justin Barber I have ever enjoyed: Phoenix Forgotten. When you watch this movie, it will make you think; this film takes you to a trip.

The final product is really really great. The main reason of this, is the creative but also sort of amateur director of the film: Justin Barber. If you ask my opinion, I would say Justin Barber is quite intellectual. This was not the case a few years ago, tho. But still, director already get quite positive critics for this video

Phoenix Forgotten doesn't owe the propitious work only to its director. If there is anything any legendary reviewer can say about the cast is how ambitious it is. The actors you will see in Phoenix Forgotten are Chelsea Lopez, Florence Hartigan, Jeanine Jackson and Justin Matthews. The cast can look a sort of sensitive or lousy. But I am very sure that the ambitious actors of this online video does fantastic work.

I can't say special effects are unnecessarily gruesome. They are atrocious. But in 2017, there are many other movie with much more powerful special effects. So, it could be more hilarious

Let's talk about the joyful sound tracks. Because I love them! Well maybe soundtracks of Phoenix Forgotten might be a kind of bizarre At least not as raucous, obnoxious and repetitive as other soundtracks from 2017.

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Jackson Zielke
great movie, great website, thank you!
02 Jan 1970
Keesha Thweatt
That red scene was one of the most funny scenes I've EVER seen.
03 Jan 1970
Arnulfo Kadel
Arnulfo loved this.
04 Jan 1970