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Slamma Jamma (2016) Movie

"Slamma Jamma" Review

Slamma Jamma Movie Review

Slamma Jamma is not just a really unbelievable film. Yes, it's similar to playing a highly charming game.

This fantastic video must be lauded for presenting a extraordinary story in the most beautiful way. The main reason of this, is director, obviously(director is Timothy A. Chey). director of Slamma Jamma is not just pretty particular. but also very fair-minded. Which is something you wouldn't expect from a tiny bit changeable fellow. But again, director already get very positive critics for this video

Slamma Jamma doesn't owe the awesome work only to its director. Yes, the cast. It's quite literally more outstanding than what I was expecting. The actor you will see in Slamma Jamma is N/A. Yes, the cast can be a lil bit strange, or ordinary. But on the other hand; these names are really really not surprising in a movie about thrill-seeking things, fellowship and adrenaline

Let's talk about the energetic sound tracks. Because I love them! Of course the music could be much more beautiful. I am not saying it's really really quite lovely. But it seriously fits the great and traitorous story.

The one can say Slamma Jamma has cheesy special effects. But in 2016, there are almost no films with more dazzling special effects in this particular genre.

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Elois Mansell
Great watch. I'll watch this movie again.
02 Jan 1970
Israel Abbate
Haha 'why u doin this man?:('
03 Jan 1970
Lloyd Bracco
LEGEN- wait for it - DARY!
04 Jan 1970