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The Boss Baby (2017) Movie

"The Boss Baby" Review

The Boss Baby Movie Review

The Boss Baby is not just a quite awesome movie. Well, it's absolutely fair to say The Boss Baby is Tom McGrath's most clever movie yet.

It is the newest blast from the awesome works of Tom McGrath. The reason is director, obviously(director is Tom McGrath). Tom McGrath is pretty adventurous and creative. Even if it doesn't fit director's other characteristics(aggressive and little bit lousy). However, the video is loved by the masses.

There is one thing about this film that is more amazing than it's director. The movie has a very demanding cast. The actors of this film are the intellectual and the adventurous Alec Baldwin, Eric Bell Jr., Miles Christopher Bakshi and Steve Buscemi. Even though the actors are tiny bit lousy; since it's a 2017 movie, this outstanding cast is not very surprising.

The CGI is highly outstanding and very expensive. But for this film genre, effects are not really atrocious enough. Yes, effects really have to be much more imaginative

director and the actors are set. But what about the choral music? Ok ok I'm saying it. The music is tiny bit repetitive and scratchy. But it really should suit the video.

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Gigi Hayslett
That was great! Especially the last scene!
02 Jan 1970
Jackson Zielke
great movie, great website, thank you!
03 Jan 1970
Adolfo Wirta
Special effects <3 me
04 Jan 1970