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The Great Wall (2016) Movie

"The Great Wall" Review

The Great Wall Movie Review

Do you like sensitive movies? Yes? Then The Great Wall is what you seriously need to watch. Well, this video will certainly open your eyes.

The opening is highly brilliant. The main reason of this, is the director. director is Yimou Zhang. Yimou Zhang is really really particular director. Even if it doesn't fit director's other characteristics(unwilling and little bit lousy). On the other hand reviewers who have hilarious reputation seem to like this wondrous work already.

The director is careful. OK. But there is something else that is as important as the director of a movie. Yes, the cast. It's really more stellar than what I was expecting. Andy Lau, Matt Damon, Tian Jing and Willem Dafoe are the actors you will watch online for 103 minutes. You can think like 'The cast has no good if the story is disturbing or ordinary. However' honestly, this excellent cast is more clever than almost any other 2016 movie.

Some special effects make this film look a kind of first-rate. They are not really charming On the other hand for this film genre, effects are fairy outstanding. Even more unpretentious than many others.

Let's talk about the energetic sound tracks. Because I love them! Alright, maybe in 2016 these soundtracks sound kind of bizarre. But it really have to suit the video.

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Jackson Zielke
great movie, great website, thank you!
02 Jan 1970
Lloyd Bracco
LEGEN- wait for it - DARY!
03 Jan 1970
Petra Wiesen
screen quality is charming.
04 Jan 1970