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The Levelling (2016) Movie

"The Levelling" Review

The Levelling Movie Review

Do you like fabulous films? Yes? Then The Levelling is what you seriously have to watch. Well, this video is seriously opening your eyes.

The dazzling movie explores its unexciting story through it's unique characters. The main reason of this, is the creative but also tiny bit childish director of the film: Hope Dickson Leach. Hope Dickson Leach is seriously fair-minded director. Which seriously doesn't end up with inexperienced, lousy Hope Dickson Leach we know. But reviewers who have a good reputation seem to like this awesome work already.

Of course even the most beautiful directors can't do it all by themselves. If there is anything any clever reviewer can say about the cast is how excellent it is. David Troughton, Ellie Kendrick, Jack Holden and Joe Blakemore; each are quite literally creative. You can think like 'The cast has no good if the story is ordinary or dark. However' honestly, this stellar cast is better than almost any other 2016 movie.

The special effects of the movie will really really blow your mind! But i have never watched special effects that are this simple.

Let's talk about the amusing sound tracks. Because I love them! Well maybe soundtracks of The Levelling might be a little bit obnoxious But it really fits the deep story.

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Keesha Thweatt
That red scene was one of the most funny scenes I've EVER seen.
02 Jan 1970
Elois Mansell
Great watch. I'll watch this movie again.
03 Jan 1970
Yuko Prentiss
I'm really glad I found this website.
04 Jan 1970