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Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) Movie

"Underworld: Blood Wars" Review

Underworld: Blood Wars Movie Review

If you are sick of unwilling actors, you are going to find Underworld: Blood Wars pretty legendary. Yes, this film will seriously change your life.

The video revolves around attractive women and ultimate horror. The reason is director, obviously(director is Anna Foerster). If you ask me, Anna Foerster is quite ambitious. Which makes Anna Foerster -I believe- better director from most of other film directors. On the other hand director already get very positive critics for this movie

It's not only because of the director. All I can say about the cast is; it's outstanding and great Kate Beckinsale, Lara Pulver, Theo James and Tobias Menzies... How dazzling that is, right? The actors may look a tiny bit amateur. But still; I am very sure that the intellectual actors of this online video does wondrous work.

Let's talk about the wild sound tracks. Because I love them! Ok ok I'm saying it. The music is sort of annoying and repetitive. At least not as annoying, repetitive and raucous as other soundtracks from 2016.

The CGI is not quite outstanding or highly amusing. But i have never watched special effects that are this convincing.

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Darlene Montejano
nice movie
02 Jan 1970
Elisa Pilling
FINALLY I found this movie. Thanx guys!!!!
03 Jan 1970
Arnulfo Kadel
Arnulfo loved this.
04 Jan 1970