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Unforgettable (2017) Movie

"Unforgettable" Review

Unforgettable Movie Review

Unforgettable is a quite surprising movie that manages to engage the viewer. Yes, this movie will just go over your head.

The final product is seriously perfect. The reason is the intellectual and broad-minded director of the movie: Denise Di Novi. If you ask me, Denise Di Novi is quite particular. Which makes Denise Di Novi -I believe- better director from most of other film directors. Yet, the movie already gets pretty positive reviews

It's not only because of the director. The video has a highly charming cast. Cheryl Ladd, Geoff Stults, Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson are the actors you will watch online for 100 minutes. You can think like 'The cast has no good if the story is ordinary or unrealistic. However' Cheryl Ladd, Geoff Stults, Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson; each are the ones I would like to see dealing with anxiety, an honest story and serious tone of a drama.

director and the actors are set. But what about the charming music? Alright, maybe in 2017 these soundtracks sound kind of dismal. But it seriously fits the extraordinary story.

The CGI is not really amusing or highly atrocious. On the other hand for this movie genre, effects are fairy convincing. Even more surprising than many others.

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Darlene Montejano
nice movie
02 Jan 1970
Riva Rego
Actings are great :o
03 Jan 1970
Kermit Sholtis
worth watching
04 Jan 1970