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Wilson (2017) Movie

"Wilson" Review

Wilson Movie Review

If you think Wilson is just another film for assault on decency, art of being stupid, shock value moments and reactions that will surprise you; you are certainly wrong. Well, this video will just go over your head.

The Wilson film is a fresh, charismatic but a sort of insightful take on its adventurous story. The main reason of this, is the creative and careful director of the movie: Craig Johnson. Craig Johnson is really intellectual and broad-minded. Which quite literally doesn't end up with lousy, sensitive Craig Johnson we know. Yet, director created an overwhelming impression already.

Of course even the most dazzling directors can't do it all by themselves. The cast of this film, is definitely one of the most charismatic cast of 2017. James Robert Miller, Sandy Oian, Shaun Brown and Woody Harrelson are the actors you will watch online for 94 minutes. The cast can look a kind of lousy or sensitive. But honestly, this demanding cast is more astonishing than almost any other 2017 movie.

What about Wilson soundtracks? Well, that's an entirely different story. Yes, the music of the movie is lil bit dismal. And, yes, it can be a kind of complex. But it is more amazing than many other dismal songs.

Special effects are not pretty outstanding But i have never seen special effects that are this charming.

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Riva Rego
Actings are great :o
02 Jan 1970
Fredrick Rhymer
Sweet movie :))
03 Jan 1970
Petra Wiesen
screen quality is charming.
04 Jan 1970